My first career aspiration as a child was to be a writer. I even created my first children’s book based on flowers in my mom’s garden that I made into characters. I typed it up using my family’s old type writer, and left room on the page to draw in my own illustrations.

When I wasn’t feverishly working on my writing I was running around, climbing trees, wiping out on my skateboard, and spending hours in the woods.

I am still a lot like my 8 year old self!

These days I have a professional bank job during the day, but my desire to run over mountains, write introspective and inspiring content, contribute, and immerse in nature are still driving forces of mine.

The website is my next step in my life adventure, to incorporate more of what I love into my every day, and share it with you at the same time.  I am treating this like a trail head – the point at which a journey begins.  The trails we travel down weave adventure, running, and personal development together with surprising twists.

Welcome to the adventure.  I’m glad you’re here.

Volunteering at a local race with my sweet dog Nixon who sadly passed April 2017. Photo courtesy of Ben Jones.

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